About Me

Do you love celebrities?

Love to read news about them?

Or love hot celebrity gossip?

Hmmm...me too!!

Oh, Here my introduction-

My name is Samera Jahan, a (21+ years old) Girl,simple ,sweet and hott (yes,i believe i am!)

I am very interested about celebrities.Their news,gossip lifestyle always attract me.I love to read about them.

Then one day i was thinking why not i start a blog about celebrities i love to read!

That's how this blog started!

The name? you now understand hottynishu ? my nick name nishu,so i just used it here,thought it will be sexy! But i titled by blog name as "Crazy Sexy Cool

because celebrities are always CRAZY SEXY and COOL 

Here, In this blog i write about my favorite celebrities,hottest gossip,latest news,some time share videos/photos. But i will not only write about celebrities,i will also write about my favotite topics,sometimes tips or tricks or recipes. Some times i will give away e-books!!

I love to here from you!

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