Justin Bieber's Bad Boy Image

It’s already a bad year for Justin Bieber. The sexy star has been arrested for driving under the influence, speeding and assault.  Yeh, it's that bad!Well, Justin Bieber not the first and won't be the last to damage his own reputation for more money.

justin bieber smoking weed

Expert says his apparent fall from grace could actually turn into a rise to the top.Mark Sherwin, president of Toronto-based crisis management firm CorpWorld, says

“We’ve seen mug shots for years,They’re certainly usually not very flattering and they come back and haunt that person, it seems, for years and years and years.”

Some says its a marketing stunt,saying Justin Biebers latest album, Journals, failed to hit the U.S. Billboard music charts, with his recent documentary film, Believe — far below the $73 million his first film, Never Say Never.

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