Justin Bieber Rare 2009 Interview - On The Way Becoming a Superstar!

Here is a very rare video interview of Justin bieber. I love how he planned to not be a train wreck, i bet if he watched this again he'd feel like such a douche.

Justin Bieber cute photos

Heres the story: boy performs in talent show, posts videos of performance on YouTube. What comes next is like a dream come true.

Justin Bieber - Interview :- 

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This is how Justin Bieber got himself noticed by not one, but two music superstars and powerhouses, Justin Timberlake and Usher. A bidding war resulted in Bieber becoming Ushers protégé. And to think, he accomplished all this by age 15. In this video, with the young star to find out more about his time with Usher, as well as how he plans to stay grounded as he grows up in the spotlight.

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