Austin Mahone Fun Facts!

Austin Mahone is an American pop singer-songwriter who rise his fame through YouTube. But he is not just another Justin bieber! Many fans try to find quick info about him in the search engine,so here we put together some of your questions and tried to ans them accurately!

austin mahone fun facts

>>How Old is Austin Mahone? 

Ans :- 18 years (April 4, 1996)
Austin Mahone, Age

>>Is Austin Mahone Single?

Ans :- Austin Mahone is single.

>>How old is Austin Mahone mom?

Ans :- Michele Mahone is Austin's mom. She also goes by the name 'Mama Mahone'. used to live in san antonio,texas.

austin mahone mom

Information -

Full name : Michele Mahone
Born  : March 17, 1969
Nickname : Mama Mahone
Resides : Miami, FL

>>Does Austin Mahone have a girlfriend?

Ans :- Austin Mahone have no girlfriend.

>> Is Austin Mahone dating anyone?

Ans - No, Austin Mahone does not dating anyone.

austin mahone girlfriends

>> Where does Austin Mahone go to school?

Ans :-  Lady Bird Johnson High School (Austin Mahone, Education)

>> What is Austin Mahones favorite color?

Ans :- Austin Mahone's favorite color is red. Some say that it is red.

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>> How tall is Austin Mahone?

Ans - As of October 2011, Austin Mahone has grown to around 5'9 - 5'10 (on October 27th he met and took a picture with Taylor Swift and they were of similar height but Austin was slightly shorter). However, he is still young and so his height may increase over time

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>> Is Austin Mahone mexican?

Ans - Austin Mahone is a mexican

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>> Who is Austin mahones parents?

Ans :- Michelle mahone is his mom and Carter mahone is his dad, but he died when austin was a baby

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>> where does Austin Mahone live

Ans - Austin Mahone Lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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