‘Good Will Hunting’ Bench Becomes Robin Williams Memorial

Classic Boston movie “Good Will Hunting” Fans turned a bench into memorial place where Williams and Matt Damon shared a scene in the movie.  Legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams fans leaving flowers and writing quotes from the film on the ground near the bench.

Good Will Hunting robin williams

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‘Good Will Hunting’ movie Bench

It is gonna be really hard to watch night at the museum 3 or any robin Williams movie without tearing up.

‘Good Will Hunting’ robin williams

 at the park bench at Boston Common where this scene from Good Will Hunting took place, Bostonians are scrawling their favorite Robin Williams movie quotations in chalk.

‘Good Will Hunting’ photos

Photo source -Twitter

Here is the famous scene from the Oscar-winning 1997 film Good Will Hunting:

Robin Williams was so much more then a great comedian, he was one of the best actors of my generation. This clip encompasses everything I came to love when I watched him. One of the few people I would pay to see his movies based solely on the actor..

Robin Williams sets Matt Damon straight. The amazing Williams monologue sitting on the park bench by the water - in HD.

It's completely and utterly sad. The great man is gone.

This here is but a small piece of all he managed to accomplish, yet it remains to be my favorite scene in all of movie history.

Fans also filed a petition to place a bronze statue of Robin Williams seated at the iconic bench.

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